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Meet the Doodle Gang

Ellie Profile 2 2022_0709_edited.jpg

Ellie Mae

CKC Registered Goldendoodle (F1b)

Gentle. Affectionate. Agile.

Ellie Mae is a cream Goldendoodle with a heart of gold.  She is gentle, but will always be the first to get the ball!  

Weight: 54 lbs. | Height:  24 in.

Our Dogs - Ellie Mae

Lilibet Genevieve

CKC Registered Goldendoodle (F1)

Sassy. Loyal. Adorable.

Lilibet loves to play and tell you what she is thinking!  She pays close attention, just waiting for affection.  Lilibet is always sweet, but gets a little jealous any time Bennett (only him) is being held,.

Weight: 25 lbs. | Height:  13 in.

Our Dogs - Dudley
Scarlett Profile 2 2022_0709_edited.jpg

Katie Scarlett

CKC Registered Goldendoodle (F1b)

Clever. Playful. Prankster.

Katie Scarlett is an apricot Goldendoodle with a cheeky personality.  She loves to cuddle with people, but playfully prowl and pounce with the rest of the gang.

Weight: 43 lbs. | Height:  22 in.

Our Dogs - Katie Scarlett


CKC Registered Labradoodle (F1)

Cuddly. Eager. Sensitive.

Dorothy is a straight-haired Labradoodle with a beautiful disposition.  Although a little shy at first, she loves to give and receive affection.  Dorothy and Katie Scarlett are best friends.

Weight: 52 lbs. | Height:  24 in.

Our Dogs - Dorothy

Bennett Rochambeau

AKC and CKC Registered Poodle

Clever. Curious. Precocious.

Bennett is a Moyen Poodle with a sweet manner and a curious mind.  The only thing he loves more than playing with the "big boys" is being held.

Weight: 23 lbs. | Height:  16 in.

Our Dogs - Dudley
Dudley Profile 1b_edited.jpg


AKC and CKC Registered Poodle

Smart. Sophisticated. Sporting.

Dudley is a tuxedo Poodle with a loving disposition.  He's independent, but obedient and willing to please.

Weight: 56 lbs. | Height:  26 in.

Our Dogs - Dudley

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