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Meet the Doodle Gang

Ellie Profile 2 2022_0709_edited.jpg

Ellie Mae

CKC Registered Goldendoodle F1b

Gentle. Affectionate. Agile.

Ellie Mae is a cream Goldendoodle with a heart of gold.  She is gentle, but will always be the first to get the ball!  

Weight: 54 lbs. | Height:  24 in.

Our Dogs - Ellie Mae
Scarlett Profile 2 2022_0709_edited.jpg

Katie Scarlett

CKC Registered Goldendoodle F1b

Clever. Playful. Prankster.

Katie Scarlett is an apricot Goldendoodle with a cheeky personality.  She loves to cuddle with people, but playfully prowl and pounce with the rest of the gang.

Weight: 43 lbs. | Height:  22 in.

Our Dogs - Katie Scarlett


CKC Registered Labradoodle F1

Cuddly. Eager. Sensitive.

Dorothy is a straight-haired Labradoodle with a beautiful disposition.  Although a little shy at first, she loves to give and receive affection.  Dorothy and Katie Scarlett are best friends.

Weight: 52 lbs. | Height:  24 in.

Our Dogs - Dorothy
Dudley Profile 1b_edited.jpg


AKC and CKC Registered Poodle

Smart. Sophisticated. Sporting.

Dudley is a tuxedo Poodle with a loving disposition.  He's independent, but obedient and willing to please.

Weight: 56 lbs. | Height:  26 in.

Our Dogs - Dudley

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