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Our Story


The Short Version

We are Christine and LaDuane Clifton, proud owners of a small family ranch in central Florida.  Through the years, we came to realize that the doodle temperament made for the perfect family dog.  That's why we decided to share the joy of doodles with others and become a responsible breeder of family-raised pups.    

We're animal lovers!  In addition to the Doodle Gang (Boudreaux, Tucker, Buster, Ellie Mae, Dudley, Katie Scarlett and Dorothy), we also have dressage horses, mini horses and bunnies. 

Clifton Ranch is hopping!  

Doodles Are The Best

Mixing the family fun and agility of a golden retriever or labrador retriever with the intellect and hypo-allergenic qualities of a poodle makes perfect sense.  What you get is a great family dog that is loving, smart, playful, healthy and non-shedding.

Poodles tend to be healthier than other AKC breeds, and cross-breeding adds hybrid vigor, resulting in healthy puppies.  The poodle intellect makes the puppies easier to train and adds a personality dimension that is endearing.  They steal your heart and become close companions.


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