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Birth Announcement! Dorothy's Mar 2023 Litter

We are proud to introduce Dorothy’s litter of Labradoodle puppies, born on March 2, 2023. Her litters have always had the sweetest disposition, and we are so proud of their color variety! We were pleasantly surprised when Dorothy gave birth to TEN puppies! They’re healthy and doing very well!

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Photo: TEN puppies! They are healthy and hungry...

Now Appearing! Dorothy's Hollywood Legends Litter

Dorothy has one of the sweetest disposition of all our dogs, and her puppies have always had the same gentle personality. We are amazed that Dorothy gave birth to 10 puppies, which is her largest litter so far. She is doing well, and all ten of these little precious puppies have been gaining weight steadily. The variety of colors is beautiful!

Christine and I love to watch old movies, and often we will quote movies mid-conversation; it seems no one except the two of us knows what the other means. When we considered all of the variety of this litter with their mix of the classic Labrador and the sophisticated Poodle, we thought it would be a perfect match to give them nicknames based on some of the classic movie stars! Now Appearing, Dorothy’s Hollywood Legends litter!

This litter is evenly split with five males, and five females. Their sizes are also a range from smaller to standard, and we are anxiously watching how they will grow. Their coat colors are pretty amazing as well, with a few black with white markings, two chocolate, a few with cream and possibly parti markings, one that is almost white, and a darker chocolate brown. And every litter so far from Dudley always has a male that is black with a white star, white dot on the chin and white on the feet, just like its father! On top of the color variety, it looks like some of these little puppies will have curly coats, and a few will have straighter fur.

Here's a list of the puppies by name and color:

  1. Audrey Hepburn, chocolate with white markings

  2. Bing Crosby, cream

  3. Rosemary Clooney, cream

  4. Liz Taylor, black with white dot on her chin

  5. John Wayne, chocolate

  6. Grace Kelly, light cream

  7. Humphrey Bogart, black with white markings just like his dad, Dudley

  8. Jimmy Stewart, dark brown with white markings

  9. Cary Grant, black

  10. Marilyn Monroe, blonde cream

We are so excited to watch how this litter of F1B Labradoodle puppies will grow, and we are only at the beginning. Please follow along and share the great news with friends and family! Maybe someone you know would be the perfect adoptive parent for one of these precious puppies.

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