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Week 1: Eat, Sleep, Eat

In this series, we are following the amazing milestones of a puppy’s first eight weeks. This week, the Goldendoodle puppies are getting stronger and stronger. Their only job is to grow!

Photo: In just a week, these little Goldendoodle puppies have grown so much!

Eat, Sleep, Eat: These Puppies Have it Made!

In this first week since birth, we continue to be amazed at what a great mother Ellie Mae is, and how the little puppies are born with the God-given instinct to find their mother, eat and sleep! At this stage, the eyes and ears of the puppies are still closed, which means the only connection they have with Ellie Mae is their sense of smell and touch. She is always keeping a watchful eye, and if a little one crawls and wriggles itself in the wrong direction she licks them, and then nudges them into the right place with her nose. She is always so careful how she is stepping into the whelping box, making sure not to lay on top of one. That’s no easy task since these little puppies really know how to squirm all over the place!

After nursing for a while, the puppies will lay on top of each other near Ellie Mae and are soon fast asleep. The little snoring sound they make is so cute! However, you know when they are awake again because of their whining noises until their mother is near for them to feed again. Eat, sleep, eat! These little puppies have it made!

Growing Stronger Every Day

Every morning, Christine checks each puppy and then carefully records their weight. They are adding nearly 10% of their body weight each day at this stage. The puppies vary in size a little, and sometimes the smaller ones need a little assistance to get their seat at the table. Thankfully, the puppies are growing beautifully; they have become so much stronger in just a week.

We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks as they get closer to opening their eyes, and then walking, and then hearing...Joy is certainly growing!

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