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Week 7: Getting Ready

Thanks for sharing with us the joy of watching the Goldendoodle puppies grow during their first eight weeks. Week 7 has been a time of preparation as the puppies are getting ready to go home to their new families. Of course, playtime is still their biggest priority!

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Photo: The Goldendoodle puppies are a big bundle of joy!

Getting Ready

This week, we have been very focused on getting ready for the puppies to go to their new homes. Admittedly, it is bittersweet: joy for the new family and a little sad because we have grown so fond of each one. However, their first priority remains to play! The Goldendoodle puppies like to stand up tall whenever we or other members of the Doodle Gang approach their play area. Feeding time is not quite as messy anymore since they have made a full transition to solid food. Also, we have been taking them outside, two at a time, to begin to learn how to go potty in the right place!

On occasion, we also bring one member of the Doodle Gang to come outside at the same time so the little puppies can interact with a grown-up dog. We want them to be comfortable with someone besides just their mother, Ellie Mae. That has gone very well. Both Dorothy and Katie Scarlett are so sweet and gentle when they get close to the little ones.

As we have been making plans for pick-up with each puppy’s new family, many of them have shared what name they have decided for their new puppy, and we have begun to use that name here. Christine and I love to hear the story for how each family decided on the name, and to be honest, it seems like the chosen names already fit each puppy’s personality very well. So far, the names are Truman, Cruella (Ella for short), Brucy, Sheamus, Maurice (Crazy ol’ Maurice, or Mo for short), Daryl and Pearl. A few haven’t decided yet, but there’s still time.

We are spending a little more time with each of them this week, knowing that our part in their journey is approaching an end. Sometimes, we will have one on the couch while we watch television, or the other day, my daughter had one with her and they took a short nap together. Everything they do is simply adorable!

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