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Week 6: Doc Says We're Doing Great!

Thanks for sharing the joy of watching the Goldendoodle puppies grow during their first eight weeks. Week 6 brought another visit to the vet and more time to explore the new enclosed area that gives them lots of room to run and play! Their personalities are really beginning to shine through.

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Photos: Look at us, we're cute and healthy!

Doc Says We're Doing Great!

Week 6 brought another visit to the vet, and that was quite an adventure. The Goldendoodle puppies are so much bigger and active than just two weeks ago at their last visit. We could only fit six of the puppies into the stroller; Christine and I carried the other two! Once we were in the exam room, they were sweet little angels. The two that were outside the stroller just sat next to me so still and quiet. Each one sat for the vet and stretched to let him check their tummies. All of them have grown so much, and they are all doing very well. Doc gave us his report: “They’re doing great!”

The vet’s office was busy, but the Goldendoodle puppies were the stars! There’s nothing like a bunch of puppies to get people to speak with you. Everyone agrees that these little puppies are cute! Every move they make just makes you smile, and their bright eyes lift your mood immediately.

Video: Christine enjoying playtime with the Goldendoodle puppies

Personalities are Shining Through...

The individual personalities of the Goldendoodle puppies are also becoming clearer every day. However, they often surprise me still. Just when I think that one is acting more dominant, and another a little shy, the shy one jumps on someone else, lets out a little growl and then everyone wrestles!

Often, we will put them all on the floor outside of the enclosure and let them roam and explore. I remember the first time we did that, their mom, Ellie Mae, was a little worried! At first, she would go from puppy to puppy with a little growl, sort of like a scolding sound, which reminded me of when I used to get into trouble as a kid. Then she would circle and attempt to herd them back towards their box. Of course, these little puppies were moving fast in every direction! She soon gave up and sat with us on the floor. Christine and I just laughed and laughed at their antics.

We are truly blessed to have these Goldendoodle puppies in our home. We are filled with gratitude and amazement watching them grow. Thanks for letting us Share the Joy of Doodles with you.

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