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Week 2: The Puppies Find Their Voices!

Thanks for following our blog, Sharing the Joy of Doodles! In this series, we are tracking through a puppy’s first eight weeks. Since last week, the Goldendoodle puppies have found their voices, their eyes are beginning to open and they are beginning to walk!

Photo: This group is moving! New found mobility feeds their curiosity.

A Week of Milestones

Week 2 has been a tremendous time of growth for Ellie Mae’s litter of Goldendoodle puppies. They have reached so many milestones this week! At first, Christine noticed that their eyes were beginning to open. She could see a sweet sparkle in the corner of their little eyes, and that sparkle got brighter through the week. By Friday, when Ellie Mae would come near, they would see her and focus, turning their head toward her. Amazing!

Next was all of the new noise. The puppies have found their voices! Altogether, they make quite a chorus, and I expect it will get louder. Each at different times would push themselves up into a sitting position, usually against the edge of the box, and then they would try out their howl. It’s so cute! When Ellie Mae comes near, they turn their heads and start a little barking sound. I can imagine they are saying, “feed me, feed me.”

Simultaneously, with the puppies getting stronger every day, they have begun to walk, even if a little wobbly. The yellow-collar puppy, and then the royal blue, and then the green, were the first to push themselves up onto all four paws and then take those precious first steps! They would do the crawl/step/squirm method also. However as the week progressed, everyone had begun moving much better and now there is nowhere Ellie Mae can hide! She has been spending more time outside their box, but still close and keeping a watchful eye. She is still very protective if another member of the Doodle Gang comes near to check out all the new noise!

Growing in Every Way

Watching these little Goldendoodles grow in size and ability is such a joy. Their weight has been steadily increasing and as they grow stronger, they are growing more playful. Nothing can brighten your day or remind you so quickly of God’s goodness than coming in the house and checking on the puppies. They are so precious!

It is a joy to share moments from this journey during the puppies first eight weeks. We are excited to see what milestones come next during Week 3.

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