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Week 3: Every Day is Play Day

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

In this series, we are tracking through a puppy’s first eight weeks. This week, the Goldendoodle puppies are moving, moving, moving! They are learning to play with each other and even engaging in a little “rough-housing.”

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Photo: Witnessing these Goldendoodle puppies explore how to play with each other is such a joy!

Moving, Moving, Moving!

During Week 3, Ellie Mae’s litter of Goldendoodle puppies has continued to gain weight and their walking has grown much stronger. It seems they are nearly ready to take off their training wheels! Sometimes a puppy will take a few steps forward, and then quickly reverse and take a few steps back, and then crawl over their litter mate! It reminds me of driving a car for the very first time; you have to get used to how all the gears work. This week, their ears have opened fully and when they hear a sound, their little minds are trying to figure out what it is, and where it came from. The puppies are learning all of the basics of life in a very short timeframe!

Taking this week’s group photo was quite a task; it is hard to get everyone in the frame and looking in the same direction. When awake, these little puppies are always moving! They have two speeds, fast and sleep! Kidding aside, we have begun to discern some of the personality differences between each puppy. That is something that Christine and I are excited watch grow over the next several weeks.

Every Day is Play Day

Now that the puppies are adding to their mobility and perceptive senses, they are also learning how to play with each other. Some of their instinctual moves, like biting another puppy’s ear, or facing another puppy and pushing them with one of their front paws, reminds us of how the rest of the Doodle Gang plays with each other. It just comes naturally! Although they don’t have any teeth yet, they are still trying to reach around and grab each other by the neck. Suddenly, before you know it, they get tired and go straight to sleep. All the noise stops and it is quiet.

Photo: Ah, the sound of silence!

Thanks for reading along and following the progress of these adorable puppies. I hope these small peeks into a puppy’s first eight weeks gives you a glimpse of the joy that a new puppy can bring to a family. We are so blessed with this opportunity to Share the Joy of Doodles!

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