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Week 5: New Friends, New Fun

Thanks for stopping in to check on the progress of the Goldendoodle puppies as we follow their first eight weeks. During Week 5, the puppies have had more interactions with the Doodle Gang and we have put together a new enclosure where they can play and interact. They are growing in so many ways, especially in cuteness!

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Photos: Dudley and son, Scarlett checking on the Goldendoodle puppies, and Dorothy making a new friend.

New Friends, New Fun

The Goldendoodle puppies have grown so much this week. Our whole family and everyone who meets them find their cuddly hugs hard to resist! They continue to love the solid food and we have expanded their play area with a new enclosure. That has provided the opportunity for the Doodle Gang to have more interaction with the new puppies. Ellie Mae is very watchful and will let the others know if there is something that she does not like, but that does not happen very often. We’re adding more socialization so that everyone is more comfortable with other dogs and people.

Our daughter, Catherine, organized the photo of Dudley and son; isn’t it remarkable how similar they are?! Their personalities are also alike. That is another aspect of the puppies’ growth this week. Each puppy is unique and interacts with each other and with us in different ways. Watching how gently Dorothy approaches the new puppies tells me that she is going to be a great mother in the future, and that gentleness is easy to see with all of these little pups. We are so thankful for the great temperaments that are developing.

Goldendoodle puppies in a stroller

Photo: As they have grown, more bowls have become necessary.

More Food, Please!

We have added more bowls this week to help all of them get their fair share. We will probably need to add more next week. Feeding time is quite fun, and these little puppies already know the routine. Once they spot Christine with the bowls, how great is the cacophony that arises! It is so entertaining! Pause the movie or stop speaking for a moment, because you cannot hear anything but their barks which are not so little anymore. It is very noisy for a time, and then silent as soon as every head goes down to eat.

It is certainly true that a little puppy can steal your heart, especially these little Goldendoodles. Thanks to you for joining us in Sharing the Joy of Doodles!

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